Sheep for Sale

Fairview House Dorpers

Two seasonal white Dorper flocks are run over 35 acres at Fairview House, produce a year round supply of lambs. Dorpers are a South African sheep breed known for the quality of their meat and their ability to survive under harsh Australian conditions.

The Autumn lambing and Spring lambing flocks consist of Dorper cross ewes that are breed with a stud ram, selected annually from a range of East coast breeders. Our current ram was purchased from Gundary White Dorpers in Goulburn, NSW.

Dorpers shed their light coat of wool and air in later spring and summer. Vaccination against diseases and worms is undertaken or a needs basis. Selective breeding has significantly reduced issues with the hoofs.

We have a number of multiple (twins and triplets) births, and lambs are left with their mothers until about 6-9 months when they are weaning. Weaning depends on the condition of both the lamb and mother and the quality of available food.

All stock work is performed on foot to minimise stress on the flock. No motorcycles, ATVs or dogs are used to round up the animals. Our sheep come at call; a learnt behaviour over years of good management.

Our Products

We offer ewe lambs and Wether lambs for sale year-round weighing between 30kg-40kg. A number of breeding Rams are also available.

We can arrange to have your purchased lamb slaughtered through the Tallangatta Meat Works, and packaged by a local butcher into a selection of cuts of your choice.

The price of our lambs are based on the prevailing weekly sheep sales in Corowa, NSW. To order your lamb or enquire about the availability of any breeding rams, please contact us at